All About You Interview

View of happy business team after workInterviewers want to know how a job candidate will perform if hired.  If you have been following this blog, you already know that personal honesty is the key to identifying a good worker.  But how does an employer gauge a candidate’s personal honesty?  Use the “all about you” interview.

Make the candidate the focus of the interview.  The effective interviewer uses general questions about past work experience, then concentrates on the answers to those questions to generate more questions, using each layer of questions and answers to delve deeper into various aspects of the candidate’s work experience.  Ultimately, the interviewer will use the information gleaned from this exchange and his/her listening skills to judge whether the applicant is honest.

The all about you interview is like a casual barstool conversation.  If you decide you want to get to know the fellow sitting next to you, your conversation will be focused on him; not you.  In an all about you interview, your approach runs a similar course, as it is a conversation that focuses wholly on the applicant’s work history and experience without relying on predetermined or canned questions.

The interviewer’s efforts are leveraged by asking questions about supervisors, working relationships with those supervisors, the sorts of workplace problems that arose, how those problems were resolved, who resolved them, the interviewee’s attitude toward co-workers, and more.  By the time the interview is a rolling into its second half hour, the attentive interviewer has compiled plenty of facts and references to validate the applicant’s statements and to gauge his or her honesty.  During this time, most dishonest candidates will make their dishonesty apparent by being vague, dodging questions, or by contradicting themselves.

Interviewers looking for honest workers will focus their questions on the issues, events, people, and preferences of their job candidates.  They engage in a work-related conversation with the candidate aimed at providing as much information as possible.  To get to know a job candidate, there’s no better tool than the all about you interview.



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