All Good Hires Take Time

Previously, we learned that per the Brandon Hall Group, only 5% of employers adequately evaluate resume content during their initial screening process.  That’s not good.  Employers should carefully screen resumes to eliminate unworthy candidates up front so more time can be spent interviewing worthy ones.

Career blog Undercover Recruiter tells us 33% of employers know within 90 seconds of the start of an interview whether they will hire a candidate.  That’s not good either.  Most of us can’t decide our fast food order in 90 seconds.  Undercover Recruiter also says candidates can help their chances of landing their dream job by dressing well, having a firm handshake, and simply by making a good first impression.  That may be true, but haven’t HR personnel learned not to judge books by their covers?

Every job candidate has a unique work history that should be explored.  The best employees are honest employees, and it is the interviewer’s job to take the necessary time to poke and to prod through their work history until the candidate’s commitment to personal honesty is revealed.  Lax screening, subjective judgments, and canned interview questions save time, but fail to eliminate dishonest and unworthy candidates.  By using layered questions, falsifiability, and corroboration, all-about-you interviews uncover the crucial facts that allow interviewers to gauge a candidate’s level of honesty.

Take the time to get to know your candidates, meticulously analyze their resumes, and then use all-about-you interviewing techniques to unveil their level of personal honesty.  When looking for outstanding, long-term employees, there’s no better time-tested indicator than personal honesty.


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