Attitude of Honesty in the Workplace

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”- Sir Walter Scott

I agree with Mr. Scott, so let’s examine what comprises attitude and what makes it “as important as ability” to success.  For this discussion, we’ll define attitude (by which I presume Mr. Scott means positive attitude) as the state of mind, behavior, and social skill that is conducive to productivity in the workplace.  It is not coincidental that attitude and personal honesty provide the same positive workplace attributes since personal honesty lies at the core of positive attitude.

Because job candidates can fake a positive attitude, employers sometimes mistake a façade of friendliness, compatibility, and enthusiasm for attitude.  That’s why it is important to identify attitude’s core, which is honesty, and screen for honesty in job candidates.

Good workers possess the personal honesty or humility to accept their own faults and weaknesses, and account for them.  In the workplace as in nearly every other lifepath, individuals who possess the humility to acknowledge the gaps in their own knowledge, to appreciate their co-workers’ expertise, and to recognize the importance of fostering enduring workplace relationships will possess the attitude that makes them good long term employees.

Every company is unique, but all employers are looking for basic attitudinal qualities like dependability, competence, and teamwork.  Through effective resume screening and “All About You Interviews,” employers can identify the good-worker gene in job candidates.  Look for personal honesty and you’ll find the attitude you’ve been seeking.


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