Hire On Corporation


Hire On Corporation is a recruiting, placement, and consulting firm located in Blairsville, PA.  At Hire On Corp. we believe that trust and honesty are the building blocks of the employer-employee relationship.  Our economy and personal relationships are built upon these characteristics; why should the employment relationship be any different? Employers should be able to trust that employees have the company’s best interests in mind and are working to their full potential.  Employees should likewise trust that they’re being treated fairly and honestly by their employer.  We aim to match quality, honest, hometown employers with homegrown talent who share those attributes.

Every job-seeker screened by Hire On Corp. is thoroughly vetted by a series of veracity-testing interviews to determine the candidate’s competency, quality, and level of honesty. The job-seeker’s work history, education, and background are reviewed in-depth before they are represented by Hire On Corp.  We guarantee that all job-seekers represented by Hire On Corp. are honest, trustworthy, driven, and dependable.